Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Romos "Helios"

The bedroom producers seem to be getting younger and younger. But the great thing about the internet is that you only find that out after you’ve fallen in love with their music. Romos has just cleared his Soundcloud of all but two tracks to get a fresh start for 2015. And his new track ‘Helios’ sounds like the creation of a much more experienced and technical producer.

Rom Bartov aka Romos is just a few months away from turning 15. His music is playful with a touch of glitchy effects but it’s clean and flows without disruption. Not quite dance music, or chill – the tempo of ‘Helios’ sits somewhere in between. It reminds me of the pop vitality of Madeon’s music, along with experimental interludes and an endearing melody.

And he did say to listeners that he wanted to stray away from genre categories, in a message on his soundcloud: “I want to try and let go of those ideas and do something that people won’t really be able to identify, at least at first.” Well, there’s nothing generic about the way this track has been put together.

Romos has less than 200 likes on his facebook page, get on it while you can! 

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