Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Artists to Watch in 2015: Dugong Jr

It seems that we take our local producers for granted: after a string of local (cheap!) shows at squishy venues, suddenly they cross international waters and get snatched up overseas. And you can be sure that when they return they won’t be playing the 11pm opener set with free entry.

We’ve had our eye on Melbourne producer Dugong Jr (aka Dylan Tainsh) for a while now but we’re not sure he’s had all the exposure that he deserves. His music has similar playful vibes to Wave Racer and Basenji, and it’s also good news to ears familiar with Cashmere Cat and Ryan Hemsworth (who also loves all things Japanese.)

And among all this name-dropping, Dugong Jr manages to get his original tunes shared around the world because some of his tunes are just so damn happy that they make you want to tear out your earphones and dance at full volume. Tainsh has already had premieres on Run The Trap and international blogs and we think his music will spread even further in 2015.

His latest single ‘In Love’ showcases his skilful hand in production, sometimes it’s the mood for high-pitched vocals and sometimes he pitches down with groovy bass. Dugong Jr seizes all the dynamics and although it’s a pleasant listen, it’s by no means background music.

And then he gets his hands on remixes, where he shows that a remix isn’t just the original with a new tempo. He really gets his hands on the song and chops up the rhythm, adds in chimes and reverb vocals.

As you’d expect from his music, he’s a keen user of emoticons. And he’s a funny one on the social medias, with explorations of first-world dramas like “who the fk puts asparagus and squash in a green curry” and “when you realise there is no beer on tap. :( 

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