Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Cashmere Cat & DJ Mustard "Ice Rink"

One is a soft-spoken NY-based producer and the other an LA man behind rap hits on the radio. We can’t say it’s a collaboration that we saw coming, but this pair of beat-sensitive ears have created a track that’s somewhere in between ambient electronica and a dance jam.

‘Ice Rink’is the first original track we’ve received from Cashmere Cat in nearly a year. If you’ve had a chance to see him live in a DJ set, you’d know that he leans towards R&B classics and unashamedly popular tracks. Here he’s combined his signature distorted vocals and snare rolls with hip-hop “hey” chants and a strong bass-line.

Even if you’re unfamiliar with the name, Dj Mustard has worked behind-the-scenes on well-known tracks, such as ‘Rack City’ and ‘I’m Different.’ He tags with his famous “mustard on the beat” and our ears expect to hear up-tempo club music but ‘Ice Rink’ is more like a cheerier version of ‘With Me.’

Cashmere Cat is beyond an “artist to watch” so it makes sense he’s amping up original production work while DJing around the world. And according to his SoundCloud, the two have more beats up their sleeve for us.

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