Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Teebs ft. Jonti 'Holiday'

Although we’re on the tail end of summer, we’re always keen to hear breezy free-flowing tunes and ‘Holiday’ is a great way to mimic a midweek daydream. Californian producer Teebs has teamed up with Sydney’s Jonti for a track that is lush, warm and rhythmic.

It feels longer than four minutes (in a good way) and from a peaceful start the music opens up into an atmospheric loop. With bird noises, chanting and chimes it starts to feel like you’re lying on the depths of the rainforest floor.

But underlying the rainforest relaxation are some quiet, bitter lyrics, “I’m sorry I hurt you,” and between these two producers there is some sweet work on the vocal harmonies, with a sentimentality that reminds me of Jagwar Ma.

Published on Purple Sneakers

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