Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Jacques Greene 'No Excuse'

Jacques Greene is back on the radar with brand new original creations, which we’re really happy about having recently heard his remixes and caught him on live circuits. (For one, his set worked really well among the casual summer vibe of Field Day festival in Sydney.)

‘No Excuse’ starts off slow and then builds into something more complex, evolving into a sort of abstract soundtrack. His experimental production work, akin to fellow Canadians Kaytranada and Ryan Hemsworth, evolves with some slicker house synth work as well.

Greene sets up free-flowing vocals among swirling melodies, subtle chimes, then drops shattering percussion through the haze. He disrupts the smooth R&B production that we’re used to but the track still seems to have a meditative quality to it.

After a while we can’t decipher the vocals as they meld into the music. But then again it’s the kind of track which could continue indefinitely. And Jacques Greene doesn’t usually work in single-track mode so it will be interesting to see how he has put his EP together.

‘No Excuse’ will be a part of Jacques Greene’s first solo EP, Phantom Vibrate, due on April 28th via LuckyMe records.

Published on Purple Sneakers.

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