Monday, 4 November 2013

AlunaGeorge ‘Best Be Believing’ (Ta-Ku Remix)

Possibly two of the most hyped electronic artists of 2013, the sounds of AlunaGeorge and producer Ta-ku meet in this remix and it’s not quite what we expected. This is one of Ta-ku’s sharper tracks and would go down well live, now that he’s sped up the original and added in tricky percussion.

Ta-ku is the master of careful restructuring – here, the lyrics are out and in come choppy hip-hop beats. Sound effects are sprinkled throughout and the track surges into a frenetic jumping chorus. Aluna’s unique vocals, which we have grown to love, become a part of the instrumentals. While there is a lot happening around them, Ta-ku has firm control over the changing dynamics.

Often times the word “remix” doesn’t do justice to such tracks, as there is a lot of work added in. Best to play this one through quality listening equipment.

Ta-ku’s remix of ‘Best Be Believing’ is part of the official AlunaGeorge remix package out November 4th.

Published on Purple Sneakers.

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