Monday, 4 November 2013

Album review - "Make Light" by DEJA

And now for something completely different. From the depths of a self-made studio in Melbourne, DEJA put a dark twist on electronica. At least some of their tracks belong in a dirty Berlin nightclub.

Their debut EP Make Light is ironically made for the night. Think intense layering, alluring vocals and orchestral dimensions, all of which don’t make for background listening.

If you’re into Australian eclectics like Willow Beats or Empire of The Sun, and the Scandinavian sounds of The Knife and Rokysopp, then you will dig this one.

The duo has even given themselves some hard-hitting monikers to match: “haxx” (Jack Arentz) and “Rromarin” (Claire Rayner).

Make Light opens with bird noises, dark synth and glitchy sounds on prelude ‘Enter.’ As something listeners of the last century would have envisaged when they heard the year “2013.”

Suddenly, the chaos becomes calm and distils into a steady dance track for ‘Still Falling.’

The beat picks up again for ‘The Outside’ and we’re veering towards Britney Spears around Toxic time (obviously there’s a difference with progressive electro but they share strong structure). Never mind those husky vocals (brought to you by Rromarin) – this sounds like something off The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo soundtrack.

‘Luststruck’ is the most powerful track on the album, harnessing the extremes and developing into something quite complex.

I would say it’s one of those albums that you have to listen to as a whole but the singles work just as well on their own.

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