Wednesday, 7 August 2013

DJ Snake remixes Major Lazer

If you know Major Lazer, you know that they are always keen for a remix. Last year ‘Get Free’ and ‘Original Don’ had their fair share of reworking from international producers – this time booty-shaking anthem ‘Bubble Butt’ is getting the chop and change treatment.

Dj Snake, hailing from the Paris underground, has had his hands on plenty of dance tracks over the Europe summer season. It feels like he’s everywhere at the moment.

The remix picks up tempo from the original with an almost instant trap break before Snake splits it up into choppy beats. It’s not as wonky as his own ‘Bird Machine’ but if you listen closely among the high synths he has added in some sound quirks.

Dj Snake has had his work released on Diplo’s Mad Decent record label – so we’re keeping it all in the family here.

The rapper vocals are brought to the fore but it is all about the heavy bass. In the spirit of French DJ style it is flashy but that’s what happens when you amp up the danceability of a twerk hit.

Published on Purple Sneakers.

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