Saturday, 22 June 2013

Pond - "Xanman"

Turn on, tune in, and then drop back in because the new single from Perth psychedelic boys Pond is full of explosive energy that will have your ears ringing in a joyful trance.

‘Xanman’ kicks off immediately with a rich sound of shredding electric guitar, earthy bass, crashing drums and the characteristic crying vocals of Nick Allbrook. We were sad to see him leave Tame Impala but it seems as if he has more up his sleeve.

The single has an equally distorted film clip (deep hallucinations) but this track is more optimistic and upbeat than some of their earlier work from Beards, Wives, Denim. They are now in control of their music, that’s for sure.

Absolutely a pump-up track, the energy harks back to the ferocity of classic rock.  Bang your head, dance, annoy the neighbours – let loose.

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