Saturday, 22 June 2013

Black Atlass - Paris

“Paris” channels the subdued romantics of the very town it’s named after in a soft, flowing stream of black and white. The music video to accompany the new single of Black Atlass barely reveals that its artist is just 19, Alex Fleming, a singer-songwriter and producer from Montreal.

He isn’t completely new on the scene, having performed earlier this year alongside A-Trak, Just Blaze and Danny Brown at SXSW.

When he begins the track with fragile, tinkling piano you’d hardly expect an explosion of deep bass and gritty synth but that’s exactly where it heads. His whispery vocals mean that the lyrics are obscured by the textured music but it seems to tap into the senses: “gripping your hair”, “stay closer/back away”.

All of which means a slideshow of lovely ladies: their lips and luscious locks. Director Paul Labonté has brought fashion sensuality to the clip, on mute it could be a beauty campaign for a high-end Parisian label.

Having just signed to Fools Gold Records an interesting choice for a label that is primarily club music oriented), Fleming has impressive sensitivity for his age, slowly announcing his lines with a longing stare. The theatricality of the music is counteracted by the simple yet alluring visuals.

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