Thursday, 18 February 2016

Artists to Watch in 2016: Alphamama

She’s hip, she’s strong, she’s got one hell of a voice. Alphamama (aka Anita Meiruntu) prizes creative expression over digestibility and injects much-needed passion into music. It’s been almost three years since the release of her full-length debut album but following a great collab and new track, we’ve definitely got her on our radar for 2016.

Alphamama is like no other artist – her attitude is in check, and her voice soulful but strangely familiar and her music videos raw and unpredictable. In her latest creation for (what has been her first single in years) ‘Spit Me Out,' Alphamama touches on abusive relationship themes in a striking, delicate way.

You might also recognise her moniker from Set Mo’s latest track ‘Chasing Forever,’ where she lends her smooth vocals to feel-good summer song. It’s certainly upped her international coverage.

Never mind musical versatility, (with influences ranging from reggae to hip hop and funk) Alphamama is also a stylist, hair and makeup artist, and booking agent among other things. She also heads the God Queen blog, whose purpose is to bring about positive social change through art via a community of female artists.

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