Saturday, 4 April 2015

Surf Rock Is Dead "Zen A"

Have you ever heard a new track and played it to the death? Normally it’s a catchy chorus led pop song which is guilty of being so easy to listen to but ‘Zen A’ captures a nostalgic moment in a rush of electronic releases.

Kevnin Pariso and Joel Witenberg make up Surf Rock Is Dead: one half Chicago windy city and one half Melbourne (likewise.) Their creations do prove that surf rock is not dead – but think more shoegaze than Beach Boys.

The music is deep and perceptive: crooning “I never meant for you to leave”at the start of the song gradually develops into an instrumental crescendo that makes its repetition at the end even more  sentimental.

Fans of fellow Brooklyn-based bands Real Estate and High Highs will be fans of the ambient electric guitar paired with wistful lyrics. ‘Zen A’  is a little slower and deeper than previous SRiD tracks which makes the prospect of an upcoming EP even more exciting: will a Zen B feature? 

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