Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Fitzroy 'Noah EP'

Paris is not the first place you think of for Jazz inspired, hip hop infused electronic music but alongside it’s classic dance scene there has been a rise in producer collectives like we’ve seen in the US and Canada. Fitzroy is one such artist, as part of the Cosmonostro record label, which set up only earlier this year.

The label is big on cooperation among its artists as well as graphic designers. We love that they’re generous on the free downloads.

‘Noah’ has quietly emerged on the net, a two-track release (or petit EP on the French blogs). It’s just over four minutes – but four minutes of vintage funk and chilled out sound. Perfect to add to our summer playlist on this side of the globe.

‘Philosophy’ is a downtempo daytime lounger, where old and new worlds meet among hip-hop beats and jazz trumpet adding to the soulful feel of the music. And just when you’re sinking into the loops, there are vocal interludes playing on the title: “Don’t just sit there thinking.”

Then Fitzroy changes the feel on ‘Cabriolet’ and manages to make an R&B track which sounds even smoother than Drake. Yes – snares, a shimmering opening and scratches. Add in the rap vocals dropped in pticeh and it does start to feel like you’re driving along coastal cliffs with the top down. (Or at least having a drink at the end of the day for those of us without convertibles.)

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