Monday, 23 September 2013

Father John Misty - "I'm writing a novel"

In exactly what you’d imagine as “life on the road” for a Californian
musician, Father John Misty (a.k.a. Josh Tillman, former drummer of Fleet Foxes) brings us kids with hula-hoops, dressing room shenanigans and plenty of sitting and waiting in lanes with a cigarette in his new music video for “I’m Writing A Novel.”

The single comes off his 2012 release Fear Fun and channels Beat Generation antics with Tillman on road-trips, wandering the beach alone, and occasional self-narration: “this is where I fell over the other night.” The cuts between live shows and kaleidoscopic lights to amateur-shot scenes with friends produce the sense of an old Super 8 film.

“I’m Writing A Novel” is one of the more country-sounding songs off the album (rather than crooning Fleet Foxesfolk). Tillman generally looks like a fun guy to hang out with, serious at gigs but goofy at any other time – never mind that eccentric dancing where he seems like almost like a friendlier Jim Morrison.

Published on Purple Sneakers.

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