Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Artist to watch: Whitley


It might have arrived a few years late but this is a sound worth waiting for. Melbourne musician Whitley (a.k.a. music project of Lawrence Greenwood) is about to release his first round of new tunes since 2010. A few years ago he was named one of Rolling Stone’s top 10 artists to watch but since then has contemplated retiring and flown under the radar.

In the ultimate expedition (by far more productive than your average gap year) the singer-songwriter travelled through Mexico, Cuba, England, The Netherlands, Peru and Italy among other places before arriving in the Amazon Rainforest to shoot his latest music video for ‘My Heart Is Not A Machine’.
The crisp, creative footage (directed by young Melbourne filmmaker Johann Rashid) supports his unique sound. Cats, parrots and funky Aztec patterns make for a video true yet imaginary, where Into the Wild meets the Lost Boys of Peter Pan.

On that path, when Greenwood is donned in khaki, smoking forlornly in a hammock, it’s not too far from a scene out of The Motorcycle Diaries.

‘My Heart is not a Machine’ is romantic yet understated, with delicate harmonies oozing through the melancholy music. Indie darling Esther Holt provides the guest vocals among others on the album Even the Stars Are A Mess.

Whitley will be performing at the upcoming Splendour in the Grass festival.  
Before then, you can catch him on his national tour.

Also, if you’re into shamans, new instruments, baby monkeys and dinner parties (who isn’t?) check out instagram @lawrencegreenwood.

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