Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Beni Stereosonic mix

Once again, Beni orchestrates a smooth transition of tracks to the point where you can be singing along to glam female vocals at one point and the next, bouncing along to hip-hop. The Sydney-based DJ and producer has released a special downloadable mix for fans to get pumped in time for his Stereosonic sets.

It’s a journey across space and time, covering 3 decades of house and electronica. You can sense those 90s trance build-ups, modern playful synth and vocal-heavy 2000s dance tunes. They hype travels smoothly up and down but the vitality never disappears – Beni sure doesn’t want you to take a break!

Fresh from his much-praised debut album release ‘House of Beni’, his Stereo mix explores a global spectrum of house music. That’s 48 minutes of hip hop beats, jazzy sax and smooth lounge grooves, futuristic techno, euroclub trumpets, trembling strings, electronica blips and whatever else you can imagine in his sound bubble.

It’s not as distilled and dance-worthy as his ‘House of Beni’ tracks but it’s a good one to leave on during pre-celebration. The middle section blends together, wearing out at times but it’s the minimalistic structure keeps the beat and bass going. The most irritating track is probably (Lazer Beams) with out-of-place high-pitched (that’s right) lasers.  Don’t fret – it’s followed by Beni’s own sweet tune ‘High Off Your Love’.

Remixes from other notable artists including DJ Sneak and Harvard Bass grace the mix, as well as a fun signoff from rap Le1f’s  ‘Wut’ to leave you in the mood to party. It’s a bit intense to listen to all in one go but it’s a great mix to get psyched for the summer festival season.

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