Thursday, 13 October 2011

Film Review - "Footloose" directed by Craig Brewer

Footloose (2011)              

I was suprised at the little amount of dancing in this year's remake of the old 80s dance classic, but the storyline was very similar. Initially I was confused at how it would still be relevant for dancing to be banned in an American town, but the first few minutes of the movie answer that- after a dance party, five teenagers die in a fatal car crash, and the town's leaders subsequently ban dancing, drinking and going out late.
The cast was credible, at least their accents didn't seem too over-the-top and the two main characters are a more tanned and toned version of the 1984 Ren and Ariel. Ren's angry solo dance was a bit of a cringe in the film, with some country fusion rap soundtrack, but showcased his gymnastic talent. Ariel was a believable character, only because we understood her motives for being so reckless, after the distressing car crash.
With a slight element of predictability in regards to the romantic element of the film, it is an otherwise entertaining look at the problems teenagers face and have always faced with parents and friends. The inclusion of some hip-hop music slightly works in updating the film for today's culture and even the line-dancing scene makes it seem a little bit exciting for the audience. Overall, its easy on the eye and might even make you think about how we judge people.

Favourite quote: I just don't know if believe in everything that you believe in. But I believe in you. (Ariel)

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