Sunday, 4 September 2011

Adele on the Jonathan Ross show

After watching Adele's television appearances this weekend, I've gained a sense of her personality, past the powerful voice (and powerful hair). Her working-class British accent and cackling laugh in between questions makes her presence feel more familiar than a record-breaking pop star, and breaks away momentarily from the vintage-inspired heartbroken soul singer.

Adele signals the return to strong voices and sincere personalities in pop music. Her songs sound real and are a welcome break from the auto-tune effects which many other singers use. She is talented enough to be praised for her voice but also to be played constantly on radio stations around the world.

Adele has just turned 23 this year and already has left her mark on the world. At first, I was a bit tentative about listening to her music, song after song about misery and despair. However, after buying her album 21 off iTunes (less commitment than a CD), I've decided that Adele will stand the tests of time.

Her recent performance at the VMAs was touching, during "Someone Like You" she was close to, if not already, in tears. For an entire album that was written about one breakup, 21 can communicate with many, and it's the mix of both emotional resonance and catchy tunes that makes Adele's music so attractive.

Adele told Jonathan Ross that she'll be back in the studio by November but as there's no man around, it will be interesting to see what we'll be hearing from her next.

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